Intel Alpine Ridge ThunderBolt reaches 50 Gbps

The presentation that Intel held yesterday, showed that the company is working on an internal principle of development of new plug ThundrBolt.

The performance of the connector continues improving, and the last revision comes under the label Alpine Ridge. In one of the slides in the presentation of Intel will be able to read that Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt is capable of reaching speeds of 50 Gbps. 

This theoretically means if you have a fast enough SSD, you can do a data transfer from a whopping 5 GB for just a second. Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt will appear in 2015, and connector will experience some changes with the arrival of the new version. 

It will be thinner and shorter, and enables charging equipment to 100W. It remains to be seen whether this connector will massively adopted as its current price is too high.

How To Use The Five Major SEO Services Techniques To Become The Best?

SEO Services
CEC Logics is an SEO Services Utah based firm which has the tendency to offer you the best techniques required to build an amazing, super flexible website. All their websites are absolutely creative, stylish, new and extremely easy to access.

1.      Create Amazing Mobile Applications:
Many people still notice it extraordinarily troublesome to use their computers for a little search and thence attempt to use their mobile phones instead. This is often no hurt, as the balance technology has advanced the most but the matter it creates for several websites is that their names don’t show within the search engines of mobile applications. This SEO Services Utah based firm builds a mobile application for your website that helps you reach everyone no matter which smart phone they use or which browser they’re searching on.

2.      Use The Web Hosting Objective:
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3.      Search Engine Marketing Technique:
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4.      Designing And Development Of A Website:
Before seizing a website vogue and a development venture, it's essential to style how an organization would supply life to your business ideology. This firm tends to ensure that your key interests are recapped, your goals are assessed, and thence combining them with their ingenious skills, they have an inclination to gift you with a final resolution which will build your website development project in such a novel method that is bound to supply success. The website arising with such a technique contains a stepwise work arrangement that has been organizing all of your ideas and business objectives that follows a selected timeline. This permits you to meet all of your requirements among the printed budget.

5.      Obtain Help From The Masses:
If you would like your merchandise and your company to achieve the lots then it's needed that you stay on the same page with them through the mediums they use most. This SEO Services Utah based firm has a tendency to have a Facebook account and upload a video on YouTube for your project. They have a tendency to confirm that your merchandise and specifications reach their revered shoppers in each potential manner.

Creating Your Content With Your New Keyword Phrases

Content Writing
  Once you have the appropriate keywords to best describe your product or service and are words that people are actually using, you now need to create or modify your content to reflect these keywords.

Let's step back for a second and think about Google and the other search engines. How do they actually know what your website is about? No more and no less than by the "words" on the page. The search engines are not humans; they cannot infer and deduce what your website when they crawl your website. Thus the search engines know what your website is about by the words you use in your content. Of course the search engines have some intelligence and you can't get by with keyword stuffing, but in very basic terms, this is how the search engines know what your website is about.

For example, imagine a very basic website that contained 5 words/phrase and 1 image. Imagine those 5 words/phrases were:
·         Cheap Surfboard
·         Fast Ferrari
·         Ferrari crash
·         Yummy Oranges
·         Large Dogs
And the image had an image name of "image1.jpg" and a blank alt text.

What do you think the search engines would deduce that this website is about? Maybe and just maybe Ferraris...but that is not certain.

Now take this example:
·         Red Ferrari
·         Ferraris in Miami
·         Ferrari Top Speed
·         Cost of Ferrari
·         Used Ferrari
·         And had in image name of "red-ferrari.jpg" with alt text of "red ferrari"

Can you see the difference? Obviously you can, and so can the search engines. They know this website is exactly about Ferraris which they will subsequently rank much higher.

The point is to illustrate what you want to do with your chosen keywords. Ideally you want each page to focus on just one keyword phrase. The places you would use these keywords to build a clear and concise website include:
·         HTML Title Tag Optimization
·         HTML Meta Tag Optimization
·         HTML H1 Tag Optimization
·         HTML Body Content Optimization
·         HTML Image Alt Tag Optimization
·         Navigation Menu Optimization

From here you want to take your keywords and start filling out these sections with readable keyword focused content.

Professional Insight: Don't simply list your keywords - but make them look good too
For example, in the Title Tag what looks better?
"Modern dining room tables - Glass dining room tables - black tables"
"Dining Room Tables - Large Selection of Modern, Black & Glass tables - Miami, Florida"

Additionally, here's another powerful bonus tip I'll share with you. Figure out what sets your company or product apart from the rest. Then let people know what it is right in the title tag! You'll be pre-selling your product before they even click on your link, and because you've let them know WHY they should click on your link, they are more likely to click it. This results in more traffic for you!

Intel unveils Core i5-4460T

Intel will soon launch at least 20 new processors, which are based on architecture "Haswell," and that such a processor was prematurely presented as part of the new - the 5th generation Core processors.

Marked Core i5 CPU - 4460T, and is a quad-core unit with initial operating frequency of 1.8 GHz, and special Turbo Boost can reach a maximum of 2.7 GHz.

And 'the central segment of the chip, with support for AES and AVX2 instructions, Trusted Execution and HyperThreading technology.

Intel has designed a processor with 6MB of L3 cache memory and a TDP of 35W. The processor has a controller with two channels of DDR3 memory (1600MHz) and HD 4600 integrated graphics (1.1GHz).

The price of the processor Intel Core i5-4460T is equivalent to 182 dollars.

Plextor has introduced SSDs M6

Plextor company at this year's computer fair CeBIT, which will be held in the next four days in Hanover, Germany, will present three new different types of Solid State Drives.

SSD drives come in three formats M6S, M6M and M6e, which are part of the M6 series . The model M6S e 2,5- inch reader with capacity up to 512 GB and AC speed reading and writing of 94.000 and 80.000 IOPS, and sekcencijalni speeds to 520 MB / s and 440 MB / s.

Created from 19 nm Toshiba NAND Flash chips . Model M6M also comes in a version with a capacity of 512 GB and the same performance as a real surprise when it comes to mSATA models .

Finally , there is the M6e PCI Express version that comes with sequential speeds of 770/625 MB / s and can be used as a boot disk and UEFI systems , and good and powerful desktop systems .

The cost and availability of new Plextor SSD drives are not yet known , and will be released later this week.

Twitter will be changing the name of the "retweet" to "share"

Twitter can not help themselves, despite the changes he made with new photos, the number of tweets and video presentation views and recent evidence has to do with one of the main features of the social network: re-tweet. 

So even though there's probably a big change this fundamental function of the network, has been renamed to "share", which is a terminology similar to its rival, Facebook. 

Currently, only some users seem to have seen the Change button and is presented in apps for Android and iOS. At the same time, a new design will be displayed on the profile pages within the mobile application, which is not so different from Facebook.

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: 50+ Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites - Export to several formats, see popular & recent bookmarks, ability to shorten URLs. - Create an organized page for your bookmarks that you can share with friends and family, access from any computer. - Check out the most popular links each day, set "The Daily Routine" as your homepage so you can visit your must stop sites each day with ease. - Public & private bookmarks, tag cloud, related tags, duplicate detection with the chance to merge their info. - Dynamic folders, bookmark all links of a page plus all the usual features. - Save your bookmarks, tag them with keywords for easy searching amongst your list, share with others. - Tabbed user page showing a network of friends, bookmarks, and related tags. It allows you to import contacts from all the major mail services such as GMail and Yahoo. - Bookmark a site, add tags, when you look up a tag, you get the names and a little thumbnail image of the site along with it. - Store your bookmarks online, share some or all of them, discover new sites to visit by searching the public bookmark area. - Browse random "chipmarks", share them, sort, filter, and get personal recommendations.
Complore - 10MB of file storage, public & private sharing, tag cloud, popular feeds and more. - A themed social bookmarking site for enterprise-scale business.
Connectedy - Import your bookmarks, batch edit them, check in on hot topics. - A themed social bookmarking site specifically for researchers, clinicians and scientists. - Highlight portions of a page; write on it like you would a piece of paper, share with your group, and search all publicly saved pages. - Organize your bookmarks by tags, add comments and notes, share publicly, subscribe to certain tags so you can be notified when a new site is added that may interest you. - All the usual social bookmarking goodies, but you can also add links via email. - Export your folders to HTML, import and remove duplicates, delete all bookmarks. - Donate your bookmarks to this site to help them recommend sites and get a better understanding of how each person bookmarks. - Import/export, categories, notes, sharing, block users, RSS, tags. - Folders, search folder names and more. - Ratings, notes, categories, smart categories and in-page editing. - Links open in new window, subscribe to tags, browse by archives. - Discuss all the saved bookmarks in groups, see what the Featured Linker is all about, join discussions in the Hot Group. - Bookmark and tag, search for tags that interest you, make buddies with people who have interesting saved sites. - Save your bookmarks in folders, tag them with keywords, share them with others or password protect them. - Folders, tags, clippings; store up to 100MB for free. - Share your already existing bookmarks, discuss and rate sites and see what you can find. - User and global tag cloud, blogs, social networking, avatars and more. - Lets you "channel surf" the Internet and review sites; it learns what you like and recommends more of the same. - A basic social bookmarking site, but with the ability to look back at specific days and see what was going on. - You can vote on links as well as add thumbnails for sites. - Tags, rating, search, public & private listing, drag-and-drop sorting.
Yahoo! My Web - One button click adds your bookmarks to the search engine giants system features duplicate detection to help you keep your bookmarks tidy.

Social Bookmarking Sites with Clipping - Save sites for later reading, share your list or keep it private, even send your saved pages to your blog for wider sharing. - Like an online scrapbook, you clip out the part of the site you want, then share it with whomever you want, and discover new places to visit. - Allows you to clip just the chosen bits of a webpage, save them to the main website, or even insert them into your own blog. Think of it as fancy block quoting. - You add your bookmarks and access them from anywhere. Check out what others are saving and see where it takes you. - Not only can you do the standard bookmarking and sharing, you can save archived versions of a webpage and even export all your saved pages to a ZIP file. - Keep private, share, mark as friends only, edit bookmark dates. - Can cluster your tags for you based on recommendations by other users. - This social bookmarker does all the usual plus detects links that have changed, and distributes your bookmarks via your blog's RSS if you like. - You can upload your existing bookmarks to get started, add more for centralized access, and check out hot lists and recommendations. - All the usual features plus the ability to add your own Google Ads to the top of your profile page. - Inbox, group creation, directory, all of the usual features, plus being able to send your RSS feed to the site.

Social News – It is similar to Digg, but for blog posts. - Synonymous with social bookmarking: you Digg a story, others Digg it, the more popular it gets the better chance it has of hitting the first page. - A former contender in the browser wars, and the "mother" of Mozilla, it's now a a social news aggregator with voting of stories similar to Digg. - Users can write articles on current news events, save links to external content; vote, comment and chat on article pages created by both users and by journalists. - You vote up or down on a story making it move around on the home page. - Similar to Digg, except instead of "Digging a story", you "shout it". Still a way to vote on unique Internet news stories. - Add news stories you find interesting, anyone can "improve" the article by fixing the URL, editing the summary and more.

If we have missed any website then you can add more sites in the comments.

Microsoft for XP users will have discounts of $ 100 to switch to Windows 8

Microsoft will motivate users of XP at a discount of $ 100 to switch to Windows 8

A few weeks ago Microsoft released the program for vouchers worth $ 50 for users of the Windows XP operating system, wanting to move to Windows 8.1, a company now dazzling users with a new offer.

In order to convince users to switch to their latest system operating - Windows 8, Microsoft now provides a discount of only $ 100, the operating system is more expensive than $ 600. 

However, this offer is valid only when consumers are deciding to upgrade the old operating system. This is another in a series of efforts by Microsoft to motivate users to change the 13-year-old operating system that still is in many computers. 

According to data recently released StatCounter, Windows XP is 18.8 percent of the world's computers, while Windows 7 is still seen s 54.8 percent.

Significance of Insulation Jackets While Using Power Cords

Electric power, while on one hand a blessing, can also prove to be very dangerous if not handled properly and with caution. Careful grounding and insulation of wires is hence very important while handling power cords.

If suitable insulation is not provided, the wires can become overheated, damaged and cause electric shocks to anyone handling them. If the insulation is of poor quality, it can easily be damaged by a power overload and cause danger. Insulation of wires and cables not only ensures safety but also has an impact on the electrical aspects of the wire. Insulation jackets prevent dielectric losses; provide resistance against moisture, temperature and harsh environmental conditions.

A wide variety of insulating materials are being used nowadays. The most common ones are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethylene), XLPE, EPR and paper/oil based insulation.

·         PVC Insulation:
Out of these, PVC is used the most as an insulating material for the production of power cords. It is a thermoplastic compound. Cost effectiveness, resilience and the ease of its availability are some of the important factors contributing to its popular use. It has excellent electric and insulation properties, covers a wide temperature range and has long durability. It is cheap and readily available in the market. It is a very good choice in preventing fire hazards. It is the most common insulating material of choice for domestic use. It is also widely used in telecommunication cables. It has low production cost and is easy to mold, manage and handle.
PVC also has some disadvantages. It is not health and environment friendly. It is unstable towards heat and high temperatures and has limited thermal capability. Upon combustion, due to its chlorine content, PVC produces HCL and thick, black, toxic smoke. Occurrence of dielectric losses is more prevalent while using PVC insulation.

·         PE Insulation:
PE is a thermosetting plastic and belongs to a class of polymers called polyolefin’s. The occurrence of dielectric losses is very less when PE insulation is used. Hence, it has excellent electric properties. It has a low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and high initial dielectric strength. It has the prominent advantage of low power loss.
However, the chemical structure of PE is such that it cannot withstand water treeing. Furthermore, it has limited thermal resistance. It disintegrates easily at higher temperatures. It is also not suitable for using under moist conditions as it is sensitive to moisture.

·         XLPE(Cross linked Polyethylene):
The chemical structure and bonds of XLPE are such that various polyethylene chains are linked together. This cross linkage imparts important insulating and electric properties to XLPE. The cross links provide it with excellent insulating strength. It also has high thermal resistance. It can withstand high temperatures (105 degree Celsius and above).Therefore, it is recommended for use in high temperature applications. Its dielectric losses are low but not as efficient as PVC or PE. It shows a variable range of resistance towards water treeing. It has increased load carrying ability.

·         Paper based insulation:
Paper based insulation cables are also in use. Paper based insulation wires are generally used    for higher voltage applications. It has been in use for a long period of time and is durable. But it does not have efficient cost effectiveness and is difficult to handle, produce and manage.

The nature of the insulating material must be kept in mind while choosing power cables to ensure maximum security.

Difference between Analog and Digital

Difference between Analog and Digital
Analog and Digital
As a technology, analog is the process of taking an audio or video signal (the human voice) and translating it into electronic pulses. Digital on the other hand is breaking the signal into a binary format where the audio or video data is represented by a series of "1"s and "0"s. Simple enough when it's the device analog or digital phone, fax, modem, or likewise that does all the converting for you.

Digital versus analog can refer to method of input, data storage and transfer, the internal working of an instrument, and the kind of display. The word comes from the same source as the word digit and digit us.

The digital technology breaks your voice (or television) signal into binary code a series of 1s and 0s transfers it to the other end where another device (phone, modem or TV) takes all the numbers and reassembles them into the original signal. The beauty of digital is that it knows what it should be when it reaches the end of the transmission. That way, it can correct any errors that may have occurred in the data transfer. What does all that mean to you? Clarity? In most cases, you'll get distortion-free conversations and clearer TV pictures. The nature of digital technology allows it to cram lots of those 1s and 0s together into the same space an analog signal uses. Like your button-rich phone at work or your 200-plus digital cable service, that means more features can be crammed into the digital signal. Digital offers better clarity, but analog gives you richer quality. Digital like the VCR or the CD is coming down in cost and coming out in everything from cell phones to satellite dishes.

Phone lines
Digital lines are found in large, corporate phone systems. Though digital lines carry lower voltages than analog lines, they still pose a threat to your analog equipment.

Analog lines also referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), support standard phones, fax machines, and modems. These are the lines typically found in your home or small office

There are digital-to-analog adapters that not only let you use analog equipment in a digital environment, but also safeguard against frying the internal circuitry of your phone, fax, modem, or laptop.

Cordless phone:
The very nature of digital technology breaking a signal into binary code and recreating it on the receiving end gives you clear, distortion-free cordless calls.

Cordless phones with digital technology are also able to encrypt all those 1s and 0s during transmission so your conversation is safe from eavesdroppers. Plus, more power can be applied to digital signals and thus, you'll enjoy longer range on your cordless phone conversations.

What is the advantage to analog cordless products? Well, they're a bit cheaper. And the sound quality is richer. So unless you need digital security, why not save a few bucks and goes with an analog phone? After all, in home or small office environments where you may be the only cordless user, you won't have any interference issues.

Keep in mind, when talking about digital and analog cordless phones; you're talking about the signals being transferred between the handset and its base. The phones themselves are still analog devices that can only be used on analog lines. Also, the range of your cordless phone analog or digital will always depend on the environment.

Cellular Phones
Perhaps the most effective use of the digital versus analog technology is in the booming cellular market. With new phone activations increasing exponentially, the limits of analog are quickly being realized.

Digital cellular lets significantly more people use their phones within a single coverage area. More data can be sent and received simultaneously by each phone user. Plus, transmissions are more resistant to static and signal fading. And with the all-in-one phones out now phone, pager, voice mail, internet access digital phones offer more features than their analog predecessors.

Analog's sound quality is still superior as some users with dual-transmission phones will manually switch to analog for better sound when they're not concerned with a crowded coverage area but digital is quickly becoming the norm in the cellular market.

Better Sound Quality
Digital offers a better quality of sound. Proponents of digital claimed too that because digital scrambled up the signals into bursts, it was more secure than analog and can help thwart "cloning," an act of grabbing phone account information over the air in order to copy then resell that information for piracy purposes. By some industry estimates, close to $650 million in wireless services has been coveted by these big-eared crooks, which only adds onto the operator's bottom line a cost that is eventually passed on to the customer. Digital has stronger battery life than analog, and for the most part, better, more modern features on the phones.

Mobile tracking with Google Analytics

Mobile tracking with Google Analytics
In today’s modern world, many people use smart phones to surf the web. The best way to track traffic to one’s mobile website is by Google Analytics. The main view is that the visitors on mobile devices do not react the same way as others on computer screen. Generally, the mobile traffic may not represent the new customers. The existing customers may use an extra device or replace their laptops with smart phones.
The bottom line and conversion rate may fall if the website does not suit the mobile as well as the computer. The site may suit to mobile traffic by redesign, marketing, additional construction etc. This would be the only option to maintain current performance. It can require a considerable investment. Therefore, it would be easy for planning the investments or ignore the growth of mobile.

Nowadays many people are unwilling to face the issue of rising mobile traffic. The important thing is that none of them knows about the changes happened. The below table would show the percentage of web visits made last year via mobile are:

1.      Counter Global Stats:
Generally, the figures among the industries might be different. The websites that has lower performance on mobile tend to have lower proportion of the mobile traffic. One does not estimate the usage of mobile by the people. For example when you take B2B site for architects, the visitors use the mobiles for web access. Mobile web access is new and the usage pattern is as new as seen when the web first began. There is rapid change in mobile infrastructure as the devices are evolving rapidly. The smart phones are far from being complete. It may be earlier to learn about mobile web access. If one wants to understand about the mobile usage of the site, then he should gather metrics, establish own benchmarks, watching trends, etc.
Normally the younger generations use mobile to surf the web more than compared to older people. However, 70% of the people in USA over the age of 65 used mobiles for internet access compared with 76% of youngsters.

2.      Google Analytics mobile Tracking:
Generally, there are two ways of tracking mobile visits to site with Google Analytics. One method is use the standard JavaScript tracking code. This may be already present in the site and sometimes one may prefer to use server-site code for mobiles. The JavaScript code may make calls from phone to Google, and it may not be proper on slower mobile connections. Therefore, Google created a server-side code.

One should be careful with the implementation of server-side tracking. This same script is on every page and the heaviest load is placed on the server. One should ensure that the server has been configured to anticipate. If one is building the Google Analytics Mobile SDKs, then there is one for Android and IOS but nil for Windows Phone.

All the developers must be familiar with the traditional web-based tracking system. This can be implemented in the mobile application SDK. The data must feed into the system that already exists. It is designed for websites and not for applications. The events can be created by the mobile widget tracking system. The developer must determine whether to pass Google Analytics or click a link or constitute a change for a page. The application tracking must be a part of application architecture.

Google announced upgrading the mobile tracking SDK by end of 2012. The tracking of features is relevant to mobile apps, in-app purchases, ad presentations, etc. Google is ready for additional features from existing app developers, if one has an existing Android or IOS app.